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Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy
(ancient Chinese paintings and calligraphy, modern Chinese paintings and calligraphy, and contemporary Chinese paintings and calligraphy)

The Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy Department is the most competitive business sector of China Guardian. It helps China Guardian keep a leading position in the auction industry in China. The modern Chinese paintings and calligraphy group is especially outstanding and has helped to create sales records for many notable modern Chinese artists. Classical Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy Auctions have been held since 1998 with a sincere effort in auctioning masterworks of established provenance. In 2005, a separate contemporary Chinese paintings and calligraphy category was added to China Guardian’s departments. In selecting contemporary art, China Guardian pays close attention to emotional, stylistic, and aesthetic aspects, as well as considering comments from professional art critics and buyers.


Since 1995, China Guardian has held special auctions or auction series’ for well-known collectors. For example: "Yang Yongde’s Collection of Qi Baishi’s Paintings"; "Masterworks of Fu Baoshi and Zhang Daqian’s Collection of Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy"; "A Collection of Treasures – the Paintings of Zhang Daqian, Huang Binhong, and Qi Baish"; and "Jingguan House’s Ju Collection of Zhang Daqian and Fu Baoshi’s Paintings". These successful auctions have gained China Guardian the trust of collectors both locally and abroad.


Over the last decade, the global center of the Chinese painting and calligraphy trade has gradually moved to Beijing and sales records for masterworks from all historical periods have been set in its auctions rooms. The general collector group is expanding and maturing, while collector taste is continuously improving.


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Ceramics and Works of Art& Classical Furniture and Works of Art
(porcelain, jade wares, zisha teapots, furniture, works of art, Buddhist figures)


Since the founding of works of art special auction in the autumn of 1994, China Guardian has set several national and international records in the field. In 2003, the special auction of the Lisong House Collections -- Wang Shixian and Yuan Quanyou’s collection of Chinese Works of Art -- was sold for over 63.01 million RMB ($9.85 million) at a 100% sales rate, setting a world auction record. The 2005 sale -- the Geng Zhi Tang Collection of Exquisite Chinese Embroidered Articles -- was the first ever stand-alone auction of textiles and sold for 44.23 million RMB ($6.91 million). In recent years, the Works of Art Department has not only gained accolades within the national industry, but also has earned its position in the international auction business world.


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20th Century & Contemporary Chinese Art
(oil paintings, sculptures, contemporary arts, and photographic arts)


The Oil Paintings and Sculpture Department is one of the longest established departments at China Guardian. Since its first auction, staged in the spring of 1994, the department has handled art pieces from modern and contemporary artists, as well as early masters. The world record for Chinese oil paintings has been broken by China Guardian several times.


As a pioneer in this area, China Guardian plays a significant role in the trade of Chinese oil paintings. At the same time, it has continued to explore and develop the market. In the 2006 Fall Auction, China Guardian staged the first special auction titled, Twenty Years of Chinese Contemporary Art, which earned enthusiastic approval from within the industry. In May of 2007, three special sessions of oil painting at the 2007 Spring Auction, including, Chinese Oil Paintings and Sculpture, Chinese Contemporary Art, and Chinese Fine Art Photography, set an auction record at a total of over 170 million RMB ($26.57 million). The special auction session of Chinese Fine Art Photography was also the first ever auction to concentrate on the works of the country’s most creative and influential current photographic artists. It gained positive feedback from both domestic and international buyers.


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Rare Books, Rubbing & Manuscripts
(early books, Rubbings, Buddhist scripts, and prints)


China Guardian’s 1994 Fall Auction of Rare Books and Manuscripts was the first such auction on the mainland. Since then, numerous world records have been set by China Guardian Rare Books auctions. Collectors revel in the opportunity to travel back over a thousand years with the touch of a Tang classic, or to lose themselves in the rare Song and Yuan texts.


In the past ten years, China Guardian has also worked in concert with governmental bureaus to place major works in the collections of the China National Museum Library, the China National Library, and the Shanghai Museum. Works include Weng’s Collection of Rare Books, a copy of Zhu Zi’s Spring Rain, the Chu Shi Song, Qian Jingtan’s Collection of Letters and Correspondences among Ming Celebrities, and the Collection of Chen Chengzhong. Such cooperation has earned China Guardian praise and appreciation from numerous sources in society.


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Stamps, Coins, Silver Sycees, Banknotes
(stamps, coins, bronze mirrors, and bronzes vessels)


The China Guardian Stamps and Coins Department, established in 1996, is at the head of in the industry and has set many national and international auction records. The major spring and fall auctions have became veritable paradises for both Chinese and foreign philatelists. Furthermore, the Stamps and Coins Department also holds smaller auctions, designed for mid-range collectors and aficionados of stamps, ancient coins, and bronze mirrors, so all can take pleasure in collecting these rich pieces of history.


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Quarterly Auctions
(Chinese paintings and calligraphy, porcelain, jade wares, works of art, and classical furniture)


The predecessor of Quarterly Auctions was the “Big Weekend Auctions”. These auctions had simpler and more convenient procedures for bidders, and at the same time, closely observed high auction standards. In 1995, the Big Weekend Auctions were changed to Weekend Auctions, which took place on the second weekend of each odd-numbered month. The auctioned goods included a variety of categories covering a full range of calligraphy and painting, porcelain, ceramics, jade wares, classical furniture, jewelry, emeralds, clocks, and cameras. In over ten years, the Quarterly Auctions Department has successfully held 83 auctions with more than 100,000 items sold. In 2005, to adapt to the rapid growth of the market and to serve customers better, the Weekend Auctions were renamed China Guardian Quarterly Auctions and the Auction schedule was modified from once every two months to once every season.


China Guardian Quarterly Auctions, including Chinese calligraphy and paintings, porcelain, works of art, clocks and watches, have been a rousing success, adding confidence to the market with competitive bidding in all fields. They stand as proof of the depth of interest that exists in China country for art and antique collections.



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Jewelry Watches & Luxury Good


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